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If you have a large garden, you will certainly need an extension cable which you can buy separately. Best Hedge Trimmers. While the Einhell’s 5.3kg weight may put you off, it really doesn’t feel this heavy – the motor is situated at the base of the unit and not at the cutter end, making it quite well balanced and easy to hold. This battery-operated machine is powered by an 18V lithium-ion battery for a guaranteed runtime of 40 minutes. They can look ragged and untidy if the hedge trimmer doesn't cut cleanly and neatly. Below are some factors that you should consider before selecting the best hedge trimmer for your tasks. You can just plug in the power cord and begin using the trimmer immediately. You need to determine the teeth spacing that will be effective for your hedges, but keep in mind that wider spacing between teeth will leave a rugged, rougher cut, while narrow spacing will result in finer cuts and finishes. The comfort, power, and incredible reach is why the RPT4545M takes our top spot. The six best hedge trimmers to keep shrubs in shape. Job done. Hedge trimmer blades use a reciprocating action to cut branches cleanly and efficiently. If your garden hedge strong resembles your Sunday morning bed hair, it might be in need of a haircut. If you’re looking for the best hedge trimmer that money can buy, you’ve come to the right place. The long blade is great for tall hedges and offered an almost professional cut. Whether you want the grass shear, shrub shear or even a sprayer (which is sold separately), you can be sure that the Bosch Isio will make the job as easy as possible. If you’ve got extra money to spend, the DeWalt will prove to be well worth checking out. The Flymo Sabrecut xt cordless telescopic hedge cutter comes with 20V lithium-ion battery enabling it to function in the same manner as the petrol or corded trimmers. The HTK-75’s come with really long cutting blades helping you to speed up your job which in turn helps to pay back your investment in them. However, an extension cable will obviously solve this. On the other hand, if you have hedges or bushes more than 100 feet away from a power outlet, you will have to opt for a cordless or gas model. This is always a great feature as it allows you to adjust the position of the cutting head to various angles, which is very useful for trimming around corners, at the tops, and any awkward spots that are harder to reach. Leyland Cypress hedges – Faster growing so trim up to three times a year in April, July and late August. Einhell GC-HH 9048 Electric Hedge Trimmer. When it comes down to it, the Bosch AHS 65-34 Head Cutter is great, but not perfect. Remove any dirt before sharpening, only sharpen the cutting edge, and wear thick gloves. Electric hedge trimmers are usually lightweight and can be very powerful. While hedge trimmers aren’t particularly heavy, often in the 6- to 12-pound range, you may have to lift them above your shoulders or even above your head to reach the top of a hedge, so you need to consider your upper body strength. Hedge trimmer blades pick up a huge amount of residue when they are used which can get jammed between the blades. The only slight gripe we have with this Bosch hedge trimmer (and it’s a very slight gripe), is the length of cable. This is going to make a huge difference in the long run. For your safety, we urge you to stick with a residential model with a gap of no more than 3/4 inch. Branches up to 34 mm thick are cleanly sliced effortlessly. Is the handle comfortable? Still, you cannot beat this hedge trimmer. Buying from a reputable brand will ensure every measure is in place to make the trimmer as safe as possible. Cordless models work well for small jobs and touch-ups, but they can’t match the cutting performance of an electric or gas trimmer. You can purchase it as a stand-alone model or, if you need a little extra length, with a safety adapter. Small hedges often have small, tightly-packed leaves and a strong shape. Corded electric trimmers have push button starters, require little maintenance and don’t pollute the air. Choose the best hedge trimmer for small hedges. Similarly, if you are buying something for larger hedges, it’ll likely be a bit heavier. The 70cm laser-cut, diamond ground blade with a 34mm tooth opening boasts sheer power, enough to tackle large hedges and stubborn branches with ease. It’s lightweight, easy to use and does what is says on the tin – with slightly more style and ease than similar products we have tried. We recommend trimmers that have the motor at the base, you’ll find it more comfortable and easier to balance. Ensure the trimmer is switched off and disconnected from the power source. Now in its 3rd year of production, the GTech hedge trimmer is renowned for good performance for DIY gardeners. This trimmer is highly robust and powerful, with a 700W motor making it ideal for larger hedges. Recharge time may be as much as 24 hours on some models. With such a huge variety of hedge trimmers on the market, as well as a wealth of information online, making your hedge the envy of your neighbours can feel like an impossible dream. In terms of type of hedge trimmer, you really have three options – cordless, electric or petrol. This specific head trimmer is equipped with a 450 watt motor. If you are looking for the best hedge trimmer on the market, look no further than the Bosch AHS 70-34 Electric Hedge Cutter. Privet hedges – Twice a year between May and August. With an 18mm blade gap, this is suitable for large and small branches. Look for a hedge trimmer that has anti-vibration features that reduce the vibration of parts that you come in contact with, such as the handle. Finally, a safety RCD adapter can be purchased, combined with the extension lead if required. A creatively well designed and completed job results to a spectacular scenery. Hedges are the first things you see when you look outside your window or if people come home. Once you get into the swing of it, we think you’ll find using this hedge trimmer a total breeze. Laser-cut, diamond-ground blades with 34 mm tooth spacing. If you’re cringing slightly at the price of hedge trimmers, we’ve got you covered. But if you have a mile of high hedges or lots of scattered bushes, you’ll appreciate the extra power of a gas model. How thick are the branches of your hedge or bushes? If you need to trim several bushes around your yard and/or typical hedging, a corded model will probably provide everything you need. These glasses are both scratch and fog resistant, making the job even easier. With a powerful 18V motor, this trimmer can easily cut through hedges and branches. You will be able to monitor your time so that you are not cut off while in the middle of a job. Most blades are usually between 16 and 24 inches long, but they can be as short as 13 inches or as long as 30 inches. Hedge trimmers come complete with single or double-sided blades, which can be either single or dual-action. If you have a small hedge and don’t mind a bit of arm ache, you could just go for the hand shears. If you’re looking for the best multi-functional cordless hedge trimmer on a budget, look no further than the Isio Cordless Shrub and Garden Shear Set. The average hedge trimmer is designed for the average hedge, considered to be about 5 feet high and 5 feet wide. We haven’t found this budget product compromises on durability either. A double action blade trimmer has both of its teeth cutting against each other in opposite directions. Hawthorn hedges – Trim after they flower in June. The perfect choice for those with small to medium hedges is the Bosch AHS 45-16 Electric Hedge Cutter which, we can assure you, sounds more intimidating than it actually is. If you are looking for the best hedge trimmer to access hard to reach places, the Einhell GC-HH is a must have! This Hedge Trimmer operates on a Lithium-ion battery that when fully charged can provide you up to 75 minutes of uninterrupted use. Those same exact qualities can be found in the Black And Decker GT6060 600W 60cm Hedgetrimmer. Choosing the best hedge trimmer for you however, can be tricky, and will require some thought. Best Petrol Hedge Trimmer Reviews UK 2020 – Top 9 Comparison. It’s effective, ultra lightweight and has a good reach. It just needs a longer cord. While it may not have quite the comfort of the Bosch products, the price tag more than makes up for it, and it certainly gets the job done! This Einhell GC-HH 9048 Electric Hedge Trimmer is your knight in shining armour when it comes to trimming those hard to reach places. Finally, cut any dead, diseased or damaged branches out with a pair of hand pruners. Does the unit feel balanced in your grasp? This well-built tool has a powerful and yet fuel-efficient 4-stroke 25.4 cc engine. A low powered corded trimmer will be the best hedge trimmer for you. Cordless hedge trimmers give you slightly more freedom to move around your garden, though they often cost more than their electric counterparts. We have labelled the best cordless hedge trimmer and the best hedge trimmer to name a few. GTech Cordless Hedge Trimmer. If you are cleaning your hedge trimmer immediately after using, we recommend using a cloth or brush to get rid of as much of the debris as possible, because the debris won’t have had time to settle and stick to the blades. If you are looking for the best hedge trimmer for small to medium hedges, this is the one for you! Neatly trimmed hedges add beauty and elegance to the garden boundaries. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. If you need slightly more freedom and don’t mind regular charging, the best hedge trimmer for you will likely be cordless model. If you must work on a ladder, be sure it is steady. Gas powered hedge trimmers are heavier so you should select a weight that you are comfortable with. Remember, cordless models work well for small, light jobs, but if you need real portable cutting power, you should shop for a gas model that you can use anywhere for extended amounts of time. Best Hedge Trimmers to Keep Your Hedge Under Control in the UK . Some things you can look out for are; automatic braking, used to stop the blades in case something gets jammed onto the teeth. With its ability to adapt to any VonHaus 20 Volt product and its ability to cut 14mm branches and twigs, you are truly looking at one amazing hedge trimmer that can handle a variety of situations. For the safety of your fingers, the blade gap of residential models is usually limited to 3/4-inch. Maintain the sharpening angle which will be given in the manual. To cut the top of the hedge, hold the trimmer level and gently guide it from left to right. If so, you’ll definitely want to invest in the Flymo EasiCut. However, accidentally cutting the cord is a surprisingly common incident, so care must be taken! A good hedge trimmer is a modern-day miracle. Their two-cycle gas engines provide plenty of cutting power, but those two-cycle engines also pollute the environment, generate lots of noise and require that you mix oil and fuel. Its lightweight size means you’re unlikely to be punished with arm or back aches and pains. Best Hedge Trimmer. Gas models offer the most power and portability. We recommend buying from a reputable brand if you’re in need of something powerful. This prevents injury and destruction. It’s no surprise that the Bosch Isio won RHS Chelsea’s Garden Product of the Year in 2014! Make sure the blades are aligned which can be done by hand. Are you looking for the best cordless hedge trimmer in the UK, we recommend the Bosch AHS 50-20 LI which happens to be our top pick. It has a dual action blade with gap of 19mm which allows for precision cutting regardless of the task at hand. Maintaining a hedge is not difficult, but for some reason, hedges tend to grow very rapidly. The Ryobi ONE+ Hedge Trimmer is the best cordless pole hedge trimmer on the market. Trim the sides of the hedge at an angle. The dual-action 45cm long cutting blade, alongside the 19mm blade gap makes this electric hedge trimmer a super little gadget. 450 Watt Motor Black and Decker is a name that has been around for years. That’s to keep your fingers safe from fitting between those teeth. Thicker grass will not cause the Isio to stop or block. In fact, it can also be purchased with a pair of protective glasses, an essential safety accessory. What we don’t like is that this unit comes without a battery, you have to order the battery separately. Overall Assessment It trims and cuts through hedges, shrubs and bushes with ease. The Ryobi RPT4545M Trimmer is simply the best hedge trimmer you can buy today, offering comfortable cutting, a powerful motor, and excellent adaptability. Hedges can act as boundaries or they can be used for decoration. Make sure you move the cutting bar in a slow, steady pace and let the blades do the work for you. DeWalt DCM563PB-XJ 18 V XR Cordless Hedge Trimmer, Black And Decker GT6060 600W 60cm Hedge trimmer. So greenery more than 100 feet away from a power outlet should not be clipped with an electric hedge trimmer. This is where the Bosch AHS 65-34 Electric Hedge Cutter excels. An adjustable cutting head is one of the best features available that improves the usability of a hedge trimmer. The size and type of your hedge is the first consideration. Makita EN5950SH MM4 Pole Hedge Trimmer is perfect for professional use due to its durability and efficiency. Cordless trimmers offer portability and can actually cost more, yet they provide less power. It should be slightly narrower at the top and wider at the bottom to help the entire hedge get sunlight. If you have ever cleared these rugged edges using a manual handheld trimmer, you must bear witness that all the fatigue, itchy arms, and straining would rather be avoided using a powered hedge trimmer that can help you keep the bushes under control and neatly trimmed while saving you time and effort. The soft grip handles are very good addition and a see through hand guard ensures a safe working position with less effort in use. This hedge trimmer is about 3.8kg and with well balanced design that makes it easy and comfortable to use. In the number 1 spot for the best hedge trimmer is this Bosch AHS 70-34 Electric Hedge Cutter. If you’ve only got a small hedge and you don’t mind a bit of manual labour, a set of garden shears will see you right taking your time in this Summer of 2020 lockdown. You should always look out for control features that have been simplified to avoid straining which might lead to muscle injury and quick fatigue. This makes the cuts very smooth and effortless. This trimmer is also very lightweight and versatile tool ideal for any garden. The 10-metre cord isn’t overly generous, but an extension cord can easily be purchased. One of the best things about the Flymo EasiCut is the powerful motor. Overall Assessment And cordless models make good light-duty or touch-up tools. Within that guideline, the wider the gap, the larger branch the trimmer will cut, and the more quickly and efficiently the unit will cut smaller branches. It is cheaper because it has less moving parts. Don’t cut too much of the hedge in one go. Again, our only gripe is that the cable is slightly too short (this seems to be a recurring theme). And the battery charge may not last long enough to finish your trimming. If your trimming needs are limited to small chores, you can complete the task on a battery charge, so in these cases a cordless model may be all that you need. The Okatsune hedge shears are recommended for you to check out because they are used by many professional gardeners in Japan. Hedge trimmer reviews, specifications, tips and tricks. If you have ever had a chance to trim your hedges, then you know just how important it is to use a hedge trimmer. The first hedge trimmer in our list of top 10 best cordless hedge trimmers uk is the Bosch Cordless Hedge Trimmer AHS 50-20 LI. If you have a large hedge or are worried about not cutting straight, stretch a piece of string or nylon line between two stakes and guide your hedge trimmer along this line. This compact and lightweight shrub shear is powered by an integral 3.6V lithium-ion battery which, when fully charged, can run for up to 50 minutes. Don’t wait until they show signs of wear. You will be able to rely on rechargeable batteries. Hedges make up the most deliberate and distinctive features of our gardens and lawns. Your arms, shoulders, back and neck can quickly tire from holding a 10-pound trimmer above head level with your arms extended. If you own a well-maintained hedge with thin branches, you might require only light trimming tasks and slight leveling. to give you my top recommendations. The multi-click system means that switching between applications is easy. They measure 21 inches in length, so they’re shorter than most other shears, but their blades measure almost 7 inches of that. For the inexperienced hedge trimmer, this may feel slightly overwhelming. Most hedge trimmer blades are usually between 16 and 24 inches long, but they can be as short as 13 inches or as long as 30 inches. Like the 45-16 model, this hedge trimmer comes with a 2-year guarantee, which can be extended to 3 if you register with MyBosch. The VonHaus Trimmer is one of the most sought-after hedge trimmers on the market right now. 697 likes. The quality of maintenance you put into your hedges will greatly determine the general look of your garden since they are clearly outstanding and very easy to notice; only the best hedge trimmer will give you the quality results that you desire. Gas or petrol powered trimmers are the most powerful handheld trimmers with power ranging from 400 Watts to 900 Watts. Just Garden Tools - 2019 All right reserved. They start easily and don’t pollute the environment. Begin cutting at the bottom of the hedge and work your way up. Best Long Reach Hedge Trimmer UK. Versatile, ergonomic and powerful, this Bosch hedge trimmer certainly gets our vote. In this guide we’ll take a look at the best hedge trimmers for the UK market. It will get the job done right. Hedge trimmers come in cordless, electric or gas models, and they also offer single or double-sided blades and single or dual-action blades. Surprisingly for us, we don’t have any gripes with this product. This new model is the HT 3.0. It’s a lot smaller than many other shaping or edging shears, making it easier to reach tucked away places and offering a more precise and accurate cut. This will save you stopping midway through the job to charge up your trimmer. If soap and water doesn’t work, other recommendations include soaking the blades in white spirit for a few hours. By Bradley Hobbs; November 24, 2020 Last Updated On October 19th, 2020. Electric hedge trimmers are suitable for small sized gardens which require regular cutting and shaping of thin branches. Best cordless pole hedge trimmer tested and reviewed for Summer 2020 There’s nothing quite like a perfectly trimmed hedge to give your garden that polished, inviting look. This unique is equipped with a 700 watt motor. With so many varieties of hedges, knowing when to trim can be an absolute minefield. Gas-powered hedge trimmers offer complete portability without the limitation of finishing the chore under the deadline of a battery charge. Read the full review: Mitox 600DX hedge trimmer review. Working with the cable over your shoulder should make this less likely. The major drawback of electric trimmers is their dependence on a lifeline: the extension cord. With that in mind, you should not hesitate to invest in this trimmer. The third generation hedge trimmer from GTech. Well the adjustable handle extends up to 50cm meaning you don’t have to risk your life up a ladder. But safety can become a real concern; the gap between the teeth on the blades of residential hedge trimmers should be no more than 3/4 inch according to Underwriters Laboratory. If the debris has hardened and stuck to the blades, you will need to use soap and water. They create ideal backdrops and can increase the visual appeal of your manicured lawns and garden spaces. If you are used to trimming hedges for extended periods, the double action blade hedge trimmer is best for you since it produces minimum vibrations. The Gtech HT30 is an extendable cordless hedge trimmer that will get your trimming jobs done with so much ease. Finally, this product comes with a 2-year guarantee. They’re also generally more costly than electric or cordless models. Using that longer blade, however, takes extra upper body strength and coordination. Cordless In return, you’ll be able to get your job done much quicker and you’ll still have plenty of energy after the job has concluded. Husqvarna Professional Hedge Trimmers All Husqvarna professional hedge trimmers are powerful, precise and efficient to give you great results every time. You can comfortably use a longer single-sided blade because these units tend to be lighter than their double-sided counterparts. If so, then check out our researched and reviewed list for the Best Corded Hedge Trimmers for 2020 which are available in the UK at present. Manufacturers suggest using a heavy-duty outdoor cord no longer than 100 feet with hedge trimmers. If the cable isn’t long enough, extension cords are readily available, and you don’t need to worry that they’ll run out of battery mid-trim! Another great Bosch product is this Isio Cordless Shrub and Garden Shear Set which is a great option for those of you who can’t face messing around with cords (or in fact, extension cables). Each type of hedge trimmer offers its own advantage, depending on your lawn care needs. Brush as much off as you can, especially in between the blades which is where build up is usually the worst. It is also lightweight with compact design that puts little pressure on your arms or shoulder when use. What is your budget? Plus, it is going to protect your lungs and the environment. Cordless hedge trimmers offer the convenience of portability and light maintenance. It is designed with a 45 – 90° articulating powerhead so that it will be easy for you to cut and shape hedges as well as bushes. Sharpening in a hedge trimmer should be done, ideally, after 50 hours of work. Thanks to the powerful motor, you’ll never have to worry about the unit getting bogged down when cutting branches. It is superbly powerful, so you’ll never have to worry about not being able to cut through those thick branches and leaves. The ergonomic handle provides grip control and comfort unlike anything else you will find on the market, which is a quality that cannot be overlooked in a hedge trimmer. Wipe off any remnants and then apply a thorough coat of lubricant. The 45cm diamond ground blade with a 16mm tooth opening provide a clean, precise cut making your hedge looks even neater, and it comes with a protective blade cover for when you’re not using it. While it doesn’t provide quite the ease of use as the 45-16, it’s a solid choice for anyone who has slightly more work to do when it comes to getting their hedge looking spic and span. This hedge trimmer gives good cutting performance in a lightweight, well-balanced, long-bladed trimmer with the convenience of a plug-in unit.

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