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She tells them how she compelled an angel to kill her son, the King of Hell. Sam relents and gives Rowena the spell, a fact that Dean discovers only later when he realizes a page has been torn from the book. When they refuse his demand, Tumblety sticks his hand into Kevin and begins absorbing him. Lucifer vacates from Rooney. Once done, Sam briefly takes his attention away from Rowena to place her back in shackles, but Rowena is able to use the momentary lapse to her advantage and uses a spell to send Sam's gun flying across the room, along with Sam. While in the library researching, Rowena is visited by Michael, who has a proposition for her: She becomes his vessel, and he will keep her alive. She locks herself in the kitchen, but the Plum Sisters' mother is eventually able to break through just as Sam and Dean arrive and begin fighting with the sisters. Rowena is killed twice by Lucifer -- first in 11.10 The Devil in the Details and later in 12.23 All Along the Watchtower -- but each time resurrected herself by use of a resurrection charm. He then walks over to Crowley and says "Let’s talk.". When Rowena arrives, she tells them about Ketch and that she's not sure if her crystal works. Stepping into the hall, she tells Sam, Dean, and Castiel that Jack's nature as a Nephilim is what is killing him -- without his grace holding his human and angel halves in balance, his body is eating away at itself. Speaking of that brilliant wit and ability to turn a phrase... this … Rowena explains that she wants revenge on Lucifer, but also that she wishes to be by Amara's side when she remakes the universe in her image, and in the meantime she can spy on the Winchesters and Lucifer for her. Lucifer grabs Dean around the throat and pushes him up against the bars of the cage. She also reminds Sam of her eagerness to have Crowley killed. As Sam and Dean try to figure out what happened, Rowena grabs a knife and cuts her last resurrection sachet out of her left shoulder, to Sam's shock. High quality Crowley Supernatural gifts and merchandise. Crowley later captures Olivette and brings her before Rowena as a gift, much to her joy. Two demons named Raul and Gerald are running a brothel, using women to make deals, selling sex for souls. Rowena agrees to help, on the condition that Sam kill Crowley for her. In the library Chuck and Rowena are drinking tea, sharing stories about Crowley and Adam and Eve, while Crowley is off to the side drinking a glass of whiskey. The Witch and the Winchesters by mittensmorgul (December 2019); This page was last edited on 16 June 2020, at 04:54. In Boca Raton, Rowena is enraged when she discovers that her latest fiancé has run a background check on her and has been lying and using her. As Jack enters a critical phase, Rowena places calls to various witches in hopes of finding a solution, but comes up with nothing. Sam tells her that he has also seen Lucifer's true face, and it still keeps him up at night. She talks about how the demons fear her and despite the things she misses in being alive, she absolves Sam for killing her, assuring him that dying was one of the best things that happened to her. She tells it's not his kingdom, it's Lucifer's and she is also his. Olivette reveals she excommunicated Rowena for being too dangerous with magic and that the Grand Coven has already been devastated and weakened due to the Men of Letters, who confiscated all their accumulated spells and potions and placed them in warded bunkers around the world. Rowena was expelled from the Grand Coven because her magic was considered too extreme; one spell she created was the Defigere Et Depurgare, which was used to vanquish demons. However, whoever performs this duty will be unprotected from the ghosts and can't use salt circles. Before he can act, Cole puts a gun to Dean and Dean is forced to let Rowena go. Arriving at the home of Dennis Barron, Rowena finds the black around his lips curious, telling Jack "everything means something.". They are served the finest food and wine. Rowena's "unpleasantness" with the Grand Coven would ultimately lead to her being hexed by the coven with a binding spell that restrained her magic, as well as being banned from performing magic, taking on students, or forming her own coven. When it clears, Lucifer is gone from the cage and Castiel’s eyes appear strange. When Lucifer confronts Crowley in his throne room, Rowena appears and uses a spell to paralyze Lucifer and enable Crowley to throw acid on him, weakening his vessel. With the help of Eileen, Sam finds Rowena's magical stash, including journals of her spellwork throughout her life, and he becomes emotional at the reminder of his dead friend. He removes the witchcatcher from her neck and tells her she deserves a reward for her help in freeing him. Just then, Castiel and Crowley arrive, having been searching for her. She tells Jack there is a spell, Magice Necromantiorum, that they may be able to use. Shortly afterwards, Stevie brings Rowena the ingredients for the spell and is annoyed by the witch's lack of a thank you. While Crowley is holding court with his inner circle of demons, Rowena begins to admonish him for giving in to a crossroads demon's complaints of not being recognized for his work. After finding the glyph used in the curse, Sam sends it to Rowena and notifies her that they have found the witch who cast the spell, but he is dead and Dean isn't getting better. She asks what is in the Cage that is so important; when they tell her Lucifer, Rowena is elated at the prospect of meeting the "Original Dark Prince." Rowena mocks Charlie and her laptop, and Castiel enters with his favorite snack as a human, pork rinds. Rowena was initially antagonistic towards the Winchesters as she saw Crowley's relationship with them as diminishing his power. Rowena exits the Impala and tries to regain her composure as Dean returns with the Plum sisters' address. Lucifer then tells Rowena that she deserves a reward for freeing him. Rowena is shown to be alive, having survived her encounter with Lucifer through the use of a spell. Though the rupture begins to close, Castiel is forced to kill Belphegor before all of the souls are sucked back into Hell, which Rowena immediately senses. Castiel: Thank you. Rowena explains that the spell she is working on is from the Book of the Damned and can buy them centuries more of life by going back in time. Sam chases her and tries to get through to her but she refuses to be deterred and dares him to kill her to stop; he reluctantly shoots but she stops the bullet and knocks him out for his actions. Crowley is in his onesie, opening his presents on Christmas night. Castiel is able to determine this is a young man named Oskar whose family had helped her hundreds of years before and whom she had grown so fond of that she cured him of a terminal disease and made him immortal. When the Winchesters and Castiel return to Hell in search of Michael, they discover that Rowena's soul took up the empty position of Queen of Hell. He is a survivor at heart, and will use any means to accomplish this goal. Crowley leads the trio to "Limbo," a desolate area in the furthest reaches of Hell. She devises a tracking spell to locate the monster they have been tracking, only for it to keep eluding them. With the assumption that the Grand Coven from which she has been hiding for centuries and from which she has been fearfully groveling is no longer powerful and authorized, Rowena begins to kill Olivette with a spell, but quickly stops when she realizes death would be a release for Olivette. When Crowley calls him by name, Castiel, with an odd smirk on his face, says "Guess again" and there is a flashback to when Lucifer is beating him in the cage. Her allowing Crowley to capture her was all apart of Lucifer's plan. This does not stop the group from entering to drink and wait for Dean to detonate the bomb. To prepare, she draws sigils and symbols in blood on her body, and seeks the aid of a demon subordinate to triangulate the location of the Men of Letters Bunker. After Dean is hexed, Sam calls Rowena for help. Dean being the only one who would be able to get close to Amara, will be the one to carry it. When Rowena threatens Sam, Clea senses Sam's aura is under potent protection and says she should hear him out. After obtaining the codex from the box, Sam secretly takes the codex to Rowena, but he tricks her and manages to shackle her so she cannot escape while she decodes the Book of the Damned. Furious, Rowena demands Crowley remove the collar from her neck. The brothers ask her to locate someone important, and when Rowena inquires as to the identity of said person, they reveal to her that it's her grandson, Gavin. While Crowley and Rowena are about to have tea, Crowley excuses himself, but unbeknownst to him Rowena slips a hex bag in his pocket, allowing her to eavesdrop on his conversation with Dean Winchester. While he tortures Sam, Dean, and Castiel, Jack intervenes by using his soul to access his powers. Sam and Dean follow the trail of an Anti-Claus when victims are apparently pulled up the chimney never to be seen again. He'd agreed to help her escape in exchange for having the same charm implanted in himself. "Well, Crowley is kind of technically trapped in The Empty right now," showrunner Andrew Dabb explained to TVLine. Create. 11.10 The Devil in the Details (transcript),, "Has Anybody Seen Kris Kringle" by Hal David & John Cacavas, "Gwine to Run All Night, or De Camptown Races", "Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel" by Tavares.

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