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IBA's analysis platform flexibly illustrates multiple asset, fleet and market positions, actual and potential, to inform client choices and identify acquisition and divestment opportunities. This is "InsightIQ" by Paul.lamble@tgarage.com.au on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. An aviation data analysis platform designed to help the aviation finance community: Understand global flight activity and geographic fleet distribution intelligence. Since the outbreak of Covid-19, sale and leaseback (SLB) activity has shifted towards the stronger credit, higher tier carriers including larger low-cost carriers and flag carriers or major airlines. Deliver fresher insights on the Isilon File System leveraging the improved FSA (File System Analytics) capability in OneFS 8.0 which was released earlier this month. InsightIQ is a unique analytics platform. ", "The assistance and guidance from IBA Group over the past 11 years since IGAF was launched has been invaluable. While the tool is compatible with older versions of the operating system, if you’re running OneFS v8.0 or higher it offers a much needed performance improvement. InsightIQ collects a data sample every five seconds. Enhancements. Analytical cookies help us to improve our website by collecting and reporting information on its usage. Procedure 1. With recent news of a potential revival, IBA explores the former Flybe fleet in terms of redeployment, asset value and the status of the restart. A member of the team will be in touch shortly. InsightIQ system settings are managed in the InsightIQ web application. 50 GB B . InsightIQ allows you to monitor and analyze the performance and file systems on your Isilon OneFS cluster. Powerful data export . Prediction is based on the rate of growth of capacity usage over time and extrapolated to identify when the capacity reaches 90%. Improved management options for the data collected, stored and analyzed by InsightIQ. If you want to install this release, review the InsightIQ … Best of all, in October 2015, EMC made InsightIQ … Check what username is being used for monitoring. InsightIQ mines real-world flight and cycles data to provide rich context for market research, valuations, divestment and procurement decisions, With visual, impartial, exportable valuations at the touch of a button, be equipped to quickly and affordably satisfy accounting, research, due-diligence, value and lease rate calculation requirements, Evaluate and classify global aircraft fleets with our powerful associative analytics engine, create numerous alternative portfolios and generate aggregated valuations, With access to data for all commercial aircraft types including order, delivery and lease end schedules, achieve prompt understanding of the evolving value and risk profile of current or planned asset pools, Track global aviation industry trends in financing and leasing strategy to maximise the value of assets. Deloitte’s InSightIQ recently published a holiday retail survey for the first three weeks of October, titled “Retail Insights for Holiday 2020: October Pulse”, with the intention of displaying customer behaviour, and specifically how customers may be spending in the coming holiday months by analysing consumer spending data.. InsightIQ reports IPv6 breakouts as separate clients instead of presenting them as one big generic IPv6 client group. It can be used with any version of OneFS beginning with 7.x. Provide your thoughts and feedback on quick polls, join in discussion forums and complete surveys that helps your favourite brands create better products and services for you. The screenshot below shows just one example of breaking down a cluster’s network throughput by … DO NOT … We regard you as an essential partner in our path of growth, with a relationship that constantly grows and changes as both of our organisations do so. To optimize capacity usage, InsightIQ provides reports with a clear breakdown of capacity usage, quotas … The Data . There are quite a few ways to drill down into the data within InsightIQ, but one of my favorite features is the Data Filters. InsightIQ can provide valuable analytics and insight for your asset and financing strategies. Let InsightIQ optimise your asset performance, investment and strategy decisions. The info heading has two keys, name which is the name of the patch, and bug which is the number for the associated bug that is being patched.. 3. InsightIQ runs outside OneFS in a VM monitoring OneFS clusters. "Goshawk, and indeed Investec, could not have got to where it is today in aviation finance and leasing without the professional help, services and wise counsel of IBA and all its staff. To learn more, check out the InsightIQ Info Hub. Flybe was one of the earliest airline victims of the Coronavirus pandemic, ceasing commercial operations in March 2020. Thank you for signing up to IBA's thought leadership, free updates & marketing communications. InsightIQ provides easy and powerful drill-down of thousands of real-time performance statistics to help admins quickly interpret and understand what’s going on in their Isilon clusters, and even who’s doing what type of activity. InsightIQ enables you to start with a broad aggregate dashboard report of your storage environment, break down data along key axes and angles, zoom to long- or short-time scales, and quickly highlight critical information to draw definitive conclusions. B. The versions heading has two keys, minimum and maximum, and as you’ve likely guessed, define the oldest and newest versions of InsightIQ … Its ease of use and exportability creates information clarity which, united with IBA's trusted asset optimisation and valuation methodologies, makes it the global aviation industry's must-have tool. 85 GB. Do not despair: it’s totally worth it! InsightIQ collects a data sample every five seconds. It can be used with any version of OneFS beginning with 7.x. Validate the InsightIQ email configuration by sending a test email. A customer is interested in deploying InsightIQ into their Isilon environment. Let us know what you think. The new Jobs and Services Performance report displays all jobs and services on the OneFS cluster and how they are affecting cluster performance. . The format is your standard INI file, with the headings info, version and files.. As of InsightIQ 4.0, the license is fr If you have feedback for us about this or any other Isilon technical content, email us at mailto:docfeedback@emc.com. Will Blue Skies Greet Flybe’s Re-Emergence? InsightIQ then Installed on a FreeBSD server C. Deployed on a Windows 64-bit server D. Installed on an Isilon cluster 4. The pandemic’s disruption of planned airline operations has returned in recent weeks, a number of countries in Western Europe entering their second lockdown of the year. While the tool is compatible with older versions of the operating system, if you’re running OneFS v8.0 or higher it offers a much needed performance improvement. Key findings from the “Retail Insights for Holiday 2020: October Pulse,” report released … If InsightIQ is installed on a virtual machine, InsightIQ by default stores the Go to InsightIQ server WebUI page, and click on Settings -> Configure (click on the link associated with the cluster in question). Necessary cookies enable core functionality. Thomas … If you are looking for IBA.iQ, click IBA.iQ. Sign up for our thought leadership, insight articles, event information and marketing communications. Installed on a FreeBSD serverC . InsightIQ includes an interactive directory usage browser where property breakouts are filed by path, extension, and access time to make it easier for you to track metrics. Our uniqueness is our philosophy! In this short piece, we leverage Flight data from IBA’s powerful new intelligence platform, InsightIQ, to examine the extent to which Wizz Air (UK & Hungary) has fulfilled its published schedule. The following are just some of the new features included in InsightIQ 4.1.1. Does anyone know how to expand this to allow for more data to be stored? In the latest epsiode of Isilon Quick Tips learn how to use InsightIQ Performance monitoring and build out Isilon performance reports. InsightIQ is a one-stop intelligence platform combining speed, accuracy, visual analytics and intuitive navigation. Insight is a leading provider of computer hardware, software, cloud solutions and IT services to business, government, education and healthcare clients. 65 GB C . With InsightIQ… Community research platform. InsightIQ 4.1.1 is available as a free licensed product, which means that you can get community support through the. Merged with transaction events, InsightIQ aviation intelligence builds a picture of availability and liquidity of aircraft and informs supply and demand pricing decisions. InsightIQ provides powerful tools to help you maximize performance, optimize applications, and accurately forecast future storage needs. SPOILER ALERT: The following text describes some of the awesome new enhancements of InsightIQ 3.1.1. After a sample is more than 24 hours old, InsightIQ averages or adds the sample together with other samples to create a single, low-resolution sample that represents a 10 minute time period.

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